Check Iqama Expiry Status, Renewal, Huroob, funds, Fee in 2019

Are you an Expatriate in Saudi Arabia? Want to check iqama expiry date? Or are you facing Huroob related issues on iqama? We will try to answer all of your questions here. 

We have done extensive research on iqama issues in KSA and trying our best to help Expats. In this article, we will try to solve all problems, including Kafeel, Fees, Validity, Huroob, Grama, and many other Expat problems.

Many people want to know about different issues. A friend was asking yesterday about newborn baby iqama fees and procedure and a user also asking about iqama fees for wife and family dependents. It is the reason to cover all common issues in this guide.

Check iqama Expiry date and status

Now it is straightforward to check all the iqama details, including expiry date status due to online MOI online portal and Absher app of Saudi Govt.

Let me explain the procedure to check Expiry on Absher website.

First of all, you need to visit this website:

website link

iqama check huroob
iqama check kafeel name
iqama check login
iqama expiry registration

Iqama Funds availability checking

Now it is necessary to register on Absher app to check iqama details. It is the reason we have described it above. 

You need to login in Absher to check funds in iqama after login there will be an option “Query iqama funds” click on it. 

Now write your iqama number and system will show all the iqama funds.

How to submit iqama funds?

You can submit funds with E-banking if you have your bank application in mobile you can log in in it and send funds to your iqama account. 

But if you don’t have E-banking system, then you can visit the bank and ask them to submit funds in iqama account. 

Instead of visiting bank again and again it is best practice to have an online banking app.

Procedure to Get Refund iqama funds

To get a refund, you need to login in your bank account and submit an application to the ministry of labor. 

They will give you a refund within 24 hours of application submission.

If you still have any issues related to iqama funds. Then it is best practice to ask your Kafeel about it. You can also ask in the comment section of this article.

Iqama Fees in 2019

It is the list of iqama new and updated fees for 2019. Kindly read carefully and check prices according to given conditions.

Important Notes:

  • Iqama fee for a newborn baby is 200 SAR. There can be many different charges in case of other facilities.
  • For the wife iqama fee if 500 SAR per year. Renewal Fee is also the same for the wife.
  • iqama Fee is same for Labor, Drivers, Doctors, engineers, Nurses, and many other professions.
  • Fee for dependents can be changed according to different conditions. 
  • If you have more dependents above 18 years, then charges will be increased. 
  • If you have school going kids then costs can be reduced. 
  • So it is better if you can ask your company consultant to calculate total iqama fee of your family.
  Check iqama Huroob and Remove in KSA [New Process 2019]

Iqama Red Green status

Now you can also check iqama red green status with Absher app. Just log in the website and visit iqama status option. Write your iqama number here.

You can see your company or Kafeel status in the form of four colors Red, Yellow, Green, Platinum. 

Now we will discuss the meaning of these colors so you can take necessary actions as per law.

Check iqama Huroob

To check iqama Huroob, you need to visit Absher app. After logging in the app, you can see Huroob checking option in the left side menu.

Visit the Huroob page and write iqama number and captcha code and click on the send button.

Now you can check iqama Huroob status at this page. If Kafeel or company has filed Huroob, then you should take care because police can test you at any point.

  iqama red green checking Kafeel and Nitqat system

If police check your iqama and with Huroob status they will arrest you immediately. This condition can create a lot of trouble for you. So keep yourself safe.

Iqama Huroob Removal procedure

The best way to remove Huroob status is by dealing with the Sponsor. But if you cannot agree with him, then it is best to arrange another Visa and get an exit.

In other conditions, Kafeel can create a lousy situation for you. Many sponsors blackmail Expadiaters for money and ask a lot of money to remove Huroob. Getting exit is the best option till now in Huroob situation.

Many fake agents in KSA gives so-called excellent offers to remove Huroob. But as much I have seen it is a fraud.

Rules of KSA Govt are evident in this situation, and everything goes in favor of Sponsor. So any agents or consultant cannot help you except Sponsor.

Iqama Renewal Procedure

Are you facing iqama renewal issues? Want to know renewal fees and many other problems? We are going to discuss all this in this section, so don’t worry and read carefully.

Iqama Renewal system has also shifted in Absher app now. Ministry of interior and ministry of labor websites are not providing any service related to iqama renewal.

So make an account in Absher app according to the above-given method. Take all of the necessary medical tests and clear them. After Passing all medical examinations, prepare your documents, and apply through the Absher app.

I will suggest you apply a few days before your iqama expiry because this procedure can take a bit time in few cases.

Keep in mind; you receive three days grace period in case of iqama expiry. If you miss the grace period, then you need to pay Penalty Fines.

Note: It is best practice to consult with Sponsor or any consultant in your company. Renewal procedure can be complicated if you don’t have any experience.

The renewal fees are the same as given in the above table. 

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