Check iqama Fine and Penalty on Traffic Violation in KSA

Today we are going to share a few easy methods to check iqama fine or grama online due to traffic Violations. As we know laws are strict in Saudi Arabia. So we get different traffic penalties and fine in routine. You can check all the penalties on iqama by following the above-given procedure.

While living in KSA we face different kinds of Penalties and we have to pay them. Most of the time we need to pay fines when we violate traffic rules.

Check traffic Violation iqama fine With Absher

We can also face a penalty in many other violation cases. The procedure of fine processing is automatic in KSA whenever you break a rule system cameras detect it and you receive a message about it. Iqama fines also Called Grama in the Arabic Language.

If you face difficulty in reading then kindly watch the above video it will help you to understand the complete procedure.

But for complete information, we are describing it below.

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As we know that Registration on Absher is necessary to check any detail. so first of all register an account on Absher.

Read Absher Registration Process

After completing Registration follow this procedure.

As you can see in below screen click on E-inquiries

traffic violation fine

Now click on Traffic

check iqama fine

Now press Query Traffic Violations 

iqama fines

Fill this form write your iqama number in Id number and captcha code in below field. then press view button.

iqama penalty

Now you can see that the iqama I have entered has No violation or Fine.



Check iqama fine without Absher

you don’t have Absher account or staying out of the country at this time? Don’t worry. we have a few solutions for you. First of all, try to contact someone in KSA who can have the Absher app. Like any friend or relative and ask him to check fine on your iqama.

Keep in mind, you can check any iqama on Absher so it is no issue to check any iqama on someone else account. If there is still an issue for you then try to visit this site.

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This is the ministry of labor website. You can check here the Traffic Violation section on this site and check if they have the option to provide your iqama status.

I hope you have understood the procedure to check fine on Iqama with the help of this easy tutorial.


Traffic Fine Amount estimates:

The lowest fine amount applies to the wrong parking or if you leave the car with a running engine.

Fine on over speed is from 300 to 600 SAR.

You need to pay 3000 to 6000SAR if you break the red signal, it also called red signal camera violation.

The highest penalty applies to Car drifting which is 20000SAR to 60000SAR.


Where to pay fines?

you can pay the penalty fines in any bank just visit the bank and ask them to pay the traffic fine. They will ask you for iqama number and tell you the amount of fine so you can pay it easily. There are a few online payment options also available.

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is there any iqama fine if car insurance expired?

yes, If you get caught then the police can put penality on insurance issues. so it is best practice to renew your insurance on time.

Traffic violation issues in KSA

Know let’s discuss the issues people face related to penalties and fines in KSA.

The major reason for fines, Grama or Mukhalfa is unawareness of traffic rules in Saudi Arabia. Whenever Expats come here they violate traffic rules due to unawareness. These are the main reasons behind the increase in traffic fines.

If you are an Expat and living in KSA then I will highly recommend reading traffic rules carefully and follow them. so that you can keep yourself safe in terms of fine and life.