Check iqama Huroob and Remove in KSA [New Process 2022]

you will be able to check iqama Huroob and can try to remove it with the help of this detailed guide. Today we are going to discuss a really sensitive issue of expatriates in KSA. There is a big number of people facing Huroob on iqama.

The major cause of the problems of Expatriates is rule of law in KSA. Saudi Govt has handed over all authorities to citizens in the matter of expatriates.

A big number of South Asian People living in KSA Like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many others. They are living there because resources are limited in their own countries. This is the reason Saudi govt Taking advantage of this situation and uses expatriates on cheap wages without any facility.

Easy Method to check Iqama Huroob

As we now that process has changed. Now KSA govt has closed MOI iqama queries and you must need the Absher app to check all the details. Jawazat department has announced that all the public queries will be entertained through Absher Portal from 2019.

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So First You need to register on the Absher portal to check iqama Huroob Details. We have already published a detailed guide where you can check and follow easy instructions to make Absher account.

Click here to Read complete Process

Now we are considering that you have made the Absher account by following the above-given link.

You should go to further options related to iqama.

Then write iqama number and captcha code then scroll down.

iqama huroob removal

You will see same screen as we have shown above. You can see Worker status is “on the job” It means there is no Huroob on this Iqama but If you see “left the job” “ran away” or other this kind of worker status then it means Kafeel has filed Huroob on this Iqama.

Remove Huroob on Iqama

The authentic and actual method to remove Huroob is the settlement with Kafeel. But if you have serious issues and have closed all the doors for Kafeel. Then there are several methods which you can try.

  1. Get an Exit Re-entry visa.
  2. Left KSA and come back on a new Visa.
  3. work underground.
  4. make any settlement in Jawazat Department.
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I will suggest you Remove Huroob as soon as possible because the Saudi Police is very efficient. In the above given methods best one is the settlement in the Jawazat department just find a related officer and pay him to make adjustments in Iqama.

You can also find a new Kafeel and get an Exit re-entry visa it will solve all of your problems. If you are unable to solve Huroob then it is better to leave the country.

Now let’s discuss a few basic terms before continuing the actual issue so that new people can also understand.

What is Iqama?

Iqama is basically a permit to live and work in Saudi Arabia. It is necessary to have a valid iqama for every Expatriate in KSA. you cannot stay in KSA without iqama if you are a worker.

What is Huroob?

Basically Govt of Saudi Arabia allows any worker to work in Saudi Arabia with the permission of a Saudi citizen which calls Sponsor or Kafeel.

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Govt doesn’t issue any visa without a sponsor. So when you go to KSA for work you must have a Kafeel.

According to Rules Kafeel has complete rights on you. you must have to follow his instructions and work according to his benefits.

Whenever a worker refuses to work for his Kafeel and leaves him. Then the Kafeel uses his rights and files a complaint against you. This complaint called Huroob.

Now you are a culprit in KSA and Police can catch you anytime. So this is the main Scenario.

I hope this video will also help to check iqama Huroob in 2019.