Check Visa Validity Status, Exit Re-entry, Mofa in KSA 2022

In this article, we will try to cover all the issues related to Saudi Visa Validity and Exit reentry. You can check Mofa and Muqeem status with few clicks in KSA. Many people face different problems related to visa in KSA and all around the world.

So this is the core purpose of writing this complete guide so that people can get the benefit and find the solution of their issues quickly. If you cannot find any solution related to your problem in this article I will request to write in the comments section below.

check visa validity and status in KSA

Validity is a period between issuance date to the expiry date of the visa. Let me share an easy process to check visa validity in KSA.

Visit this link

You can see below screenshot. Write your visa number in above field and passport in below field. Then click on check, and it will show the current status.

With the help of the above link, you can check every kind of Saudi visa validity, the detailed list is given below.

  • Visit
  • Company labors work
  • Family
  • Doctors or Engineers
  • Hajj & Umrah
  • Re-entry
  • E-visa
  • Final Exit

visa validity ksa

check visa status with passport number

You can also, check visa validation status with help of passport number, writing your name, iqama number, and date of birth. I have mentioned above field because everyone has these two numbers, and it increases accuracy. If you are a Muqeem, then you should check it with iqama number.

Exit Re-Entry visa details

Saudi Arabia govt has strict rules for expats. Because there is a significant number of developing countries people, who want to work in KSA. So it is a problem for Saudi Arabia to handle so many expats.

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They aim to keep the only people who are beneficial to them. Exit Re-entry visa is also a try to keep rules strict in KSA. When you enter in KSA and want an exit, then you need an exit visa.

You can read more details about Exit re-entry at the Saudi embassy website. They have shared complete information and rules to follow hen you apply for Exit or Re-entry.

Saudi Embassy site

Check Exit Reentry Visa status

As per new rules now you can only check exit visa validation details on Absher app. For this purpose, you need to Register on that app or on the web portal online. The app is available on Google Play and Apple iPhone stores.

To check visa validity, you can visit the Absher app. Because all the checking tools now transferred to Absher app. Click here to read registration process on Absher app.

After registration, there will be a specific option for Exit reentry visa validity checking, click that option and write application number. The app will show the current status. You can click above photo to install it on android.

There are several benefits of Absher app now because all the Expats related services are now available on this app.

If you have iqama related issues transport or fines related problems you can check the status of all problems in this single app. So I will recommend to install it as soon as possible. For exit reentry visa, printing option also available in Absher.

Mofa Visa Process and status

Ministry of foreign affairs is fully active in Saudi Arabia. You need to apply through Mofa site if you want to request for Umrah or Hajj or want to invite your family for visit in KSA.

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To get any kind of service from Mofa you need to submit an application. if you want to invite family, wife or kids, you need to submit visit application on Mofa site.

They will review it and after checking your staus and details they will issue the visa. you can check details of status on the official website.

Check family visa status with Mofa

To check visit or family visa validity status. First, you need to visit the following website: Visit here

Then select your option from the red color options bar. If you want to know application status then select “Application submitted to MoFA” and write application number and id number.

After it, enter the captcha code and click on “Inquire” button.

If your application approved and want to check visa status then click on second option “visa issued from MoFA”. Then write application and id numbers and click on inquire. It will show the status of the application.

The 3rd option is for Ummrah Application. you can also use it in the same way to check Ummrah application status.

Last option “search for haj request” is for Haj all the details will be same just select it for Haj status checking. It is easy to process but this guide is to help newbies.

Muqeen visa validity status and checking

Muqeem is an Arabic word used for Expatriates, There are many Expats in KSA who use Muqeem word its common meaning is to identify people who are living in Saudi Arabia.

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So you can check Muqeem visa status with the same method as described above.

Final Exit Visa validity and process

To get the final exit visa it is necessary to submit the application in the Saudi Embassy. They will review it in detail and check if you have any dues etc. It is advised to clear all of your pending bills and dues otherwise it will create issues for you in Final exit.

Final Exit can be difficult if you have any pending phone bill or Kafeel Dues Because all the system is online so Saudi govt makes sure that you have cleared all pending fees and bills before leaving KSA.

E-Visa details

e-visa is new innovation of Saudi Govt it will create a lot of facilities for people. Now they are offering this service for visit visa. if you have all necessary documents you can apply for e visa from the comfort of home. All the required documents listed below.

  1. Passport
  2. id card
  3. degrees
  4. medical reports

Enjaz visa checking

Enjaz is an online application submission system by Saudi Govt. To submit an application or check visa status and validity, you need to visit the following website.

when you visit it you can see the website is basically in the Arabic language but there is a tab in the above side where you can change your language in English.

Now you can see different options to submit an application and checking Enjaz visa validity. So just follow these options and check your status.

If you still have any confusion about visa validity kindly ask in below comments we will reply within 24 hours. Thank you!