Dubai Police Fines List Payments Number and Discounts

We are sharing a complete list of Dubai Police Fines Payments 2020 with discounts. You can check the below tables for details of number.

The tallest building, fantastic sightseeing attractions, beautiful shopping malls, delicious foods, indoor ski slopes, the growling of Ferraris on the roads – Welcome to Dubai!!

Millions of tourists, Expats, and job seekers flocked to the luxurious Dubai every year.

Dubai is known for being the most prosperous city where residents love supercars.

It is the only city where not only the famous and wealthiest people drive in supercars but also the police have Lamborghini.

Although it is famous for skyscrapers, supercars, and vibrant culture, the law also stringent, if you are planning to visit Dubai, you must make yourself familiar with Dubai’s rules and regulations to avoid penalty payments. Otherwise, you need to pay heavy Dubai police fines if you break any rule.

Dubai police implemented strict traffic fines to maintain the aura of a city and safe and sound roads of all riders.

You might not want police chases you in their Lamborghini for traffic violations.

The Dubai traffic police responsible for assuring that drivers abide by the rules to make the roads much safer for driving.

They use advanced technology such as CCTVs, drones, and artificial intelligence tools that make Dubai a safer city in the world.

These drones use to monitor traffic and detect congestion during busy hours and send it directly to the control room so any violation can be caught.

Police, along with Road and Transport Authority (RTA), regularly update rules and Dubai police fines to ensure the safest rides on roads.

Some essential tips to avoid fines payment in Dubai

The RTA and traffic police advise some guidelines that can help all drivers to avoid severe Dubai police fine payments.

The best way to avoid all these penalties and payments is to follow the rule and regulations of traffic.

Mostly, the driver ignores traffic rules as they think of a small violation, but you must know Dubai police is watching all the way you drive.

One of the most common violations that driver ignore is the road shoulder; the road shoulder shouldn’t use for mobile phones, taking a blazing, it may block the way of ambulance or police, but it allows in an emergency.

The RTA already defines emergency parameters for drivers as exceptional circumstances, such as medical emergency or vehicle psychoanalysis.

The driver can get AED 600 and six black points for overtaking road shoulders.

According to PTA regulations, you will need to do a maintenance recheck if your vehicle has an accident.

The RTA approved comprehensive test centre will lets you know whether your car is fit to go on-road or need maintenance after an accident.

There are many RTA approved centres, but Tasjeel, Shamil, and Wasel are the most popular test centre.

In these centres, you can find the complete list of Dubai police fines 2019, violation types, black point’s details, information about your license, etc.

Although the traffic rules and police penalties are the same in all UAE emirates, that is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah each emirates policy issues their fines and penalties.

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Visit this site for inquiry of fines: Website

Discount on Dubai Police fines

In February 2019, the Dubai police announced discounts on all traffic fines as UAE declared 2019 as the “Year of Tolerance.”

According to Dubai police, all the drivers who don’t breach the traffic rules for three months (that was count from 6th February) will able to get 25% off discount, and all the drivers who don’t breach the traffic rule for six months, they will get 50% discount on their traffic fines.

The driver can get up to a 100% discount if they follow the rules and don’t breach the laws during a year.

Dubai police fines payment list 2020

Violation Fines Black points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Dangerously driving (racing) 2000 12 30 days
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug Court will decide 24 60 days
Driving vehicle without a valid no plate 1000 24 60 days
Driving that causes death of others Court will decide 12 30 days
Not stopping after accident that cause injuries of others Court will decide 24 60 days
Reckless driving 2000 12 30 days
Exceeding max speed limit by more than 60km/h 1000 12 30 days
Driving on public way dangerously 1000 12 30 days
Jump of a red light 800 8 15 days
Not stopping and run away from traffic police 800 12 30 days
Overtaking truck dangerously 800 24 60 days
Cause a car to overturn Court will decide 8
Driving that cause serious injuries Court will decide 8
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 60 km/h 900 6
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 50 km/h 800
Hard shoulder violation 600 6
Enter road dangerously 600 6
Driving that cause moderate injuries Court will decide 6
Heavy vehicle lane discipline 600 6
Overtaking in prohibited places 600 6
Driving that cause serious damage to vehicle Court will decide 6
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 40 km/h 700
Parking in the fire hydrant places or place that allocated for ambulance and people with special needs 1000 4
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 30 km/h 600
Driving in wrong way against traffic 400 4
Allowing to seated children under 10 on front seat 400 4
Not fasten seat built 400 4
Not driving with safe distance 400 4
Fail to follow the direction of the traffic police 400
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 20 km/h 500
Enter to road without ensuring it is clear 400 4
Not giving a way to police, emergency, public service vehicles 500 4
Drive a heavy vehicle which doesn’t comply with security and safety conditions 500 30 days
Not stopping after causing accident 500
Drive a noisy vehicle 500 30 days
Allowing others to drive your vehicle for which they are unlicensed 500
Loading heavy vehicle that may pose danger to other on the road 500 7 days
Overloading from heavy vehicle without permission 500 6 7 days
Driving a vehicle that causes pollution 500
Stopping on the road without any valid reason 500 4
Stopping on yellow box 500
Not giving way to pedestrians on the pedestrians crossing 500 6
Fail to abide by traffic signs and directions 500
Throwing waste from vehicle on the road 500 4
Refusing giving your personal details to police when required 500
Stopping vehicle on the left side of the road in prohibited places 500
Stopping on pedestrian crossing 500
Teaching driving in a vehicle that doesn’t has learning sign 500
Teaching drinking in the non-training vehicle without permission from licensing authority 500
Placing marks on the road which may cause damage the road or traffic blockage 500
Operating mechanical construction, industrial vehicle without having permission from licensing authority 500 7 days
Modifying vehicle without permission 400
Modifying vehicle chassis without permission 400
Changing color of vehicle without permission 400
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 10 km/h 400
Driving a vehicle with foreign country license except permitted cases 400
Violating the terms of driving license 300
Parking your vehicle just behind another that causes blocking their movement 300
Towing a vehicle with an unprepared vehicle 300
Drive a vehicle that omits gases with substances exceeding permitted rates 300
Leaving your vehicle on the road with it engine running 300
No lights on the back or on side of trailer container 200
Lights not working on the back or side of container 200
Taxis that designated pickup areas, stops in undesignated areas 200 4
Prohibited entry 200 4
Blocking traffic 200
Vehicle that is unfit for driving 200 7 days
Driving a light vehicle which doesn’t comply with security and safety conditions 200 7 days
No lifting exhaust of trucks 200 7 days
Not covering the load of the trucks 3000 7 days
Using vehicle for other purpose than designated 200 4 7 days
Heavy vehicle entry in prohibited places 200 4 7 days
Violating loading, unloading regulation in parking 200 4 7 days
carrying and transporting passenger illegally 200 4 7 days
Writing phrases, placing, placing stickers on any vehicle without permission 200
Not taking and Ignoring road safety during vehicle breakdown 200
Turning at undesignated and wrong points 200 4
Turning vehicle the wrong way 200 4
Loading a light vehicle that may pose a danger to others or to roads 200 3 7 days
Overload light vehicle without permission 200 3 7 days
Stopping vehicle without keep safe distance by law from a junction or curve 200
Transporting passenger in undesignated vehicle 200 4
Sudden swerve 200 4
Driving a taxi without a valid license number 200 4
Carry passenger in driving training vehicles 200 4
Driving a taxi with expired warranty 200
Reversing vehicle dangerously 200
Taxi that refuses to carry passengers 200 4
Falling or leading loads 3000 12 30 days
Not securing vehicle while parked 200
Parking in the prohibited places 200 2
Parking in loading or offloading areas without need 200
Parking on road shoulder except emergency 200
Using multi colors fancy lights 200
Not wearing helmet while driving bikes 200 4
Exceeding passenger limit in vehicle 200 3
Driving with poor tires or having poor conditions 200 7 days
Driving with expired driving license 200 3
Not renewing registration of vehicle after expiry 400
Driving unlicensed vehicles 200 7 days
Violation of laws by using commercial number plates 200
Not fixing number plates in designate places 200 2
Driving a vehicle that has one number plate 200 2
Driving at night/dark/foggy weather without lights 200 4
Using wrong unlatch number plates for container and trailer 200
Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of heavy vehicles 200
Not using indicators on roads while changing directions 200 3
Not giving way vehicle to pass you on left 200
Not giving way to vehicle coming from left where required 200
Stopping a vehicle that may pose danger or block traffic 200 3
Overtaking vehicle from right 200 4
Overtaking in the wrong way 200 3
Driving unlicensed vehicles 200 7 days
Abuse of the parking spaces 200 3
Number plates that have unclear number 200 3
Violating traffic 200 6
Light vehicle line discipline violation 200 2
Parking vehicle on the pavement 200 3
Not showing your vehicle registration when required 200
Not showing your driving license to police when required 200
Not fixing the taxi sign when required 200
Using interior lights without any reason while driving 100
Driving with broken lights 200 6
Using horn in the prohibited places 200 2
Driving below the minimum general speed 200
Smoking in buses or taxis 200
Using mobile phone while driving 200 4
Not displaying sign of trucks’ load on the both sides 100
Not carrying your driving license while driving 100
Not carrying your vehicle registration while driving a vehicle 100
Driving without spectacles or contact lenses for week eye sighting 100
Not using the interior lights in buses at night 100
Driving with broken indicator lights 100 2
Using a horn in the disturbing way 100 2
Driving vehicle that has no red light at the back of vehicle 100
Opening left door of the taxi 100 3
Private vehicles that using dedicated taxi and bus line in Dubai (RTA fine) 600
Not carrying bicycle safely on your car 200 7 days
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