iqama red green checking Kafeel and Nitqat system

iqama red green

This easy guide will help you to understand the Saudization system and check iqama red green yellow status. you can also check Kafeel status and Nitqat system. So let me explain it in detail first then we will see the procedure of checking your red-green status. Saudization was started in 2011 by the Saudi Govt. … Read more

Check iqama Fine and Penalty on Traffic Violation in KSA


Today we are going to share a few easy methods to check iqama fine or grama online due to traffic Violations. As we know laws are strict in Saudi Arabia. So we get different traffic penalties and fine in routine. You can check all the penalties on iqama by following the above-given procedure. While living … Read more

check iqama expiry date without Absher [KSA 2019]

check iqama expiry without absher

Today we are going to discuss a few easy methods to check the iqama expiry date without Absher portal. As we know according to new rules we cannot check our expatriate details without making an account of the Absher app. Saudi Govt has stopped all the other Services for iqama checking like MOI or MOFA. … Read more