iqama red green checking Kafeel and Nitqat system

This easy guide will help you to understand the Saudization system and check iqama red green yellow status. you can also check Kafeel status and Nitqat system.

So let me explain it in detail first then we will see the procedure of checking your red-green status. Saudization was started in 2011 by the Saudi Govt.

It applies to private companies in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this policy was to control the number of Expats in private companies. Because Govt Realized that the number of Saudi citizens is small as compare to expatriates.

Nitqat system in KSA

Saudi Govt launched the Nitqat system under the Saudization policy. Nitqat system controls the number of Saudi employees and expatriates in private companies. It is necessary to have 50% Saudi Employees for private companies After the launch of the Nitqat system.

Now let’s discuss our main topic.

Check iqama Red Green Yellow Status

I want to confirm that this system also called Mosasa in KSA local language. so you want to check Kafeel Mosasa then follow the same procedure.

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you can watch the above video link to see all the details or read this guide for more information.

First of all, you need to visit the Ministry of Labour or MOL website. Then put all of your details in it to check iqama red green or Kafeel Mosasa.

You can visit it here.

Now follow this step by step guide for further details.

Kindly see the below image carefully. write your iqama number where we have mentioned with first arrow.

Then write captcha code where we have mentioned it with second arrow.

Now click on view button.


Now you can see that it is saying it green in the Arabic language.


You can also check this status on ministry on the interior or MOI website. For the procedure of the MOI portal kindly watch this video. you only need to write your iqama number here.

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If you want to translate the Arabic language in English then visit this Google translator. I hope it will solve many problems. Because a big number of expatriates don’t understand the Arabic language completely.

Now let me describe the meaning of MOSASA and red green yellow platinum colors in the Nitqat system.

As I have described above that according to Nitqat it is necessary for private companies to hire more than 50% of Saudi citizens.

Red status:

After putting your iqama number on the MOL website if you get red status. Then it is a sign of danger for you. Because your company or Kafeel is not following the Saudization Policy. You can face many issues in this type of company.

In a few cases, govt can ban this kind of company and Govt can deport all of the Expatriates. Govt can also refuse to release new visas. So it is better to leave this kind of company or ask them to follow Govt policies as soon as possible.

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Green status:

If the status is Green then it is a satisfactory situation because Kafeel or company is fulfilling Nitqat requirements.

Yellow status:

Yellow status is less satisfactory because it is sign that your sponsor is not fulfilling Nitqat requirements or partially fulfilling. but govt has given a chance to the company to solve issues. In this scenario, you should ask the sponsor to meet Nitqat Requirements on an urgent basis.


Platinum status is more satisfactory because you can consider it completely safe. Normally Platinum applies to big organizations.

So, in the end, we have concluded that only red and yellow status is bad. So you should change your company or sponsor or ask them to meet the requirements.

Kindly ask in comments if you have any questions or confusion about iqama red Green yellow status.