Krowd Darden Login and App Easy Guide [Updated 2021]

Krowd is an online employment portal for all the staff members of the Darden restaurant. It is one of the most famous multi-brand restaurants which are based in Orlando. They are giants in the food industry, having many branches and brands all over the world, thousands of people working in different places.

Darden’s online employment portal is the best portal to manage the entire employee’s information.

If you are an employee of the Darden group, you must know the range of features that a restaurant is offering for the employee.

It provides all these features through the online employment portal or Krowd app.

Keep reading the article; we are going to explain in detail how you can enable and access the Krowd Darden account?

You might be wondering why you need this app?

Well, the Krowd online portal offers enormous benefits that you can only access via an online portal such as;

  • learn about updated staff Rota
  • monitor all your wages details
  • Grab employee rewards
  • can request to make a change in team Rota

There is much more that you can get through Krowd login. Krowd app is specially designed for all the employees of Darden Group, and they can access the portal anywhere at a suitable time.

The employee can also get the latest information and updates about Darden company.

If you are an employee of Darden restaurant and don’t know how to register and log in with the app or how to access the employee information.

Don’t worry; this article comes up with the step by step sweat simple procedure!!

What is Darden?

Darden is one of the giant restaurant companies based in Orlando, which also has eight other famous brand’s restaurants. It has 1500 branches all over the world, having more than 15000 thousand employees. The restaurant offers the best seafood at Capital Grille, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Bahamas Breeze, Yard House, etc.

Krowd is an online portal and app which can access by all the employees of Darden Inc.

What are other famous chains under Darden company?

The most popular restaurant brands under Darden are;

· Olive Garden

· Longhorn Steakhouse

· Capital Grille

· Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

· Eddie V’s

· Bahamas Breeze

· LongHorn Steakhouse

· Seasons 52

What do you need to access the Krowd online portal or app?

Like others, online portal, the Krowd Darden also has basic requirements, such as;

Restaurant Number: As mentioned, Darden is the giant restaurant chain and has many other Darden restaurants with different names, and every restaurant has a unique number also. Make sure what restaurant you are working on and get the restaurant numbers before registering at the portal or activating the account.

If you are an employee of Darden and wishing to access the Darden online portal, you must require the restaurant number to activate your Krowd account.

Online Requirements: Krowd is an online portal; you can access it via PCs, smartphones, or tablets. All you need a good internet connection and web-enabled device to access the account.

English Language requirement: There are not many language options to browse the Krowd app; you must know Basic English to use the portal. Alternatively, Krowd Darden also offers the Spanish language to access the portal. Besides these two languages, there are no more languages available for the moment.

What is the Krowd registration process?

If you are an employee of any Darden restaurant, follow this step by step guidance to register an account at the Krowd portal. You can’t access the Krowd site without a valid registered account.

  1. Open any browser on your Pc, smartphone, or Tablet and type the Krowd Darden websites,
  2. It will redirect to another webpage that will ask you for a user name and password. If you are returning users, type your username and enter a password to access the account. But if you are a first time user, you must click on the ‘Find/Activate Account’ option. You will find this particular option at the bottom of the login’s button.


  1. In the next window of the registration process, you must enter the following details;

A- Enter your first name, last name along with the first letter; for example, if your full name is David Martin, the initials would be DM.


b- In the next tab, you must enter your birthday information.

C- Enter your restaurant number where you are currently working and then the post ID.

Make sure all the details that you have entered are correct before proceeding to the next stage of the application.

Create your Krowd Username: In the next step, it will ask you the user name, enter your username. Never share your credentials with anyone as it is compassionate information, and anyone can log in if they have your credentials.

Now it’s time to read all the terms and conditions of the Krowd portal, read it, and then click the next button.

· Security questions: In this window, you must answer all the security questions, you must choose any of three security questions and remember the answer for future signing in or recovering your account if you forgot your username or password.

· Choose your Krowd password: In this final step of registration, create a robust password of 7-16 mix characters, you must remember it.

· You can follow the same procedure for registering at Krowd Olive Garden employee login.

Krowd portal Benefits

The portal offers enormous features to its employees, some of the most popular are;

· Know your working Rota: In Krowd online portal, you can check you’re working Rota, changing, and updates in your Rota. You can also request a change in your working schedule in the portal. You can also submit a request for your holidays to your supervisors.

· Employee benefits: Krowd online portal lets you know what kind of advantages you can get through a portal such as medical coverage, health insurance, and many more rights. The portal also offers financial support for all retired employees.

· Payments: All your wages come directly into Darden deposit, which can access through the Krowd app. All the employees can check the details of their salaries and taxes in the portal. They can even download all payslip anytime from the portal.

· Krowd as an online social portal: It is also one of the best social platforms too, the employee can directly communicate with other workers. If you are facing any problems at work or need help related to your job, you can connect to your works-fellow to discuss in detail and find a solution to your questions.

· News and updates: With the Darden app, the employees can catch up on the latest news and updates about restaurants, events very quickly on Android and IOS devices.

· Job search: Darden’s app also offers exciting career opportunities; You can search for new job openings and can apply for internal vacancies at Darden INC.

Final Words!!

Now you know the complete procedure of how to register the Krowd account, follow all details step by step, as discussed in the article. You must have a valid Krowd account for getting enormous benefits.

Register an account, activate, and have fun!!

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